Hollywood lost a superstar Monday when Patrick Swayze died of cancer at age 57. He leaves behind an impressive resume and some pretty memorable moments. I’ve compiled the Hollywood Hills Top 7 Patrick Swayze roles.

1. Miss Vida Boheme, “To Wong Foo: Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar.” Swayze in drag is something most thought they’d never see. His ultra-masculine body and face as a woman? Never. But he did. And it was … well … fabulous! His best moment here: the opening sequence. We watch Swayze transform from man to queen. All to the beat of Salt N Pepa’s “I Am The Body Beautiful.” Swayze said this role was even more of a challenge than learning to surf and dance (which were for two of his other roles on this list).

2. Johnny, “Dirty Dancing.” Swayze became a serious heartthrob after he became the bad boy to Jennifer Grey’s good girl. He also achieved what few people could: he made dancing look like a man’s game. Oh, and don’t forget he actually recorded the song “She’s Like The Wind” for the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack.

3. Bodhi, “Point Break.” There just had to be more to bad-ass surfer Bodhi. He was too smart to just be a beach bum. That’s why he was the leader of the Ex-Presidents bank robbers. And that’s why he charmed his way out of an arrest by an undercover FBI agent. In the end, we’re supposed to believe the ocean swallowed Bodhi. But I never believed it. I still don’t. He’s still out there somewhere. Catching a wave.

4. Jim Cunningham, “Donnie Darko.” Swayze was an important part of the awesomely weird and creepy formula that was “Donnie Darko.” Just like any pilar of the community who is also a motivational speaker, Jim had a few skeletons in his closet. If by skeletons you mean naked little kids. And if by closet you mean porn dungeon. We saw a different side of Swayze in “Darko.” A side that proved his versatility.

5. The Chippendales dancer, “Saturday Night Live.” Sure it was one of SNL alum Chris Farley’s greatest moments, but Swayze’s juxtaposition was just as important. He and Farley were both up for  a spot as a Chippendale’s dancer in this classic skit. They played off each other perfectly. The best part was Swayze’s character reacting to what he thought was Farley’s character upstaging him. Hilarious.

6. Sam Wheat, “Ghost.” Just when you thought Swayze couldn’t get any tougher, he goes soft on us. In 1990’s “Ghost,” Swayze showed his softer side in the romantic drama opposite Demi Moore. Swayze played Sam, who died before he was supposed to. He returns as a ghost to finish some unsettled business with his killer and with his wife. It’s definitely Swayze’s most tear-worthy movies.

7. James Dalton, “Road House.” Swayze is hired as head bouncer to clean up the Double Deuce bar and ends up cleaning up the whole town. Swayze followed 2 hours of dancing in the No. 2 spot by spending two hours of fighting in this one. Bad-ass as always.

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