Pineapple Express 2

What ever happened to idea that you could jinx your movie by talking about a sequel before the first one ever hit the silver screen? I guess when it comes to Seth Rogen he can do just about anything these days.

Moviehole had the chance to talk with Rogen about his upcoming comedy, “Pineapple Express”, and so he asked him about the possibility of a sequel:

Rogen says they’re definitely considering a sequel. “They’re been wanting us to do a sequel to Superbad for so long – but we’ve held off. We eventually said No. But this one, it’s not a precious coming-of-age story like Superbad, it’s a weed action-movie and if it did well, and they gave us like $50 million dollars (as opposed to the $26M we got for this one) we could benefit from that.”

I’d love to see a “Superbad” sequel, and I think it’s something that they could easily do, with or without Rogen. I’m a huge fan of Rogen, but his character was anything but pivotal. Unfortunately, it was Rogen that co-wrote the fantastic story, so without him it’d probably be a mistake. Nuts.

$50 million to make a “weed action-movie”? Sure, why not? I’m anxiously awaiting the first in the possible series, but I’m already expecting it to do great. What about you? Ready to get on the Express?

Source: Moviehole via /film

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