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Pippa Middleton caught up in huge paparazzi gun scandal that could land her in jail. Poor,sexy as hell, Pippa Middleton,who’s the sister of the Royal Duchess Kate Middleton,totally got caught up in some sort of gun scandal with the paparazzi the other day,and it sounds pretty serious as it could very well,land her in jail for quite some time if she’s ever convicted.

According to celebrity-gossip.net, Pippa was a passenger in a car where the driver waived a pistol to get the paparazzi to leave them alone, and that is,apparently,very illegal. Insiders say, “If the evidence points to Pippa Middleton’s involvement, she will be prosecuted. Anybody involved in the illegal use of a handgun in public is liable to arrest and interrogation.” Uh Oh.

Also,the dude who allegedly waived the gun,could go to prison for 2 to 7 years,depending on whether or not the pistol was real. Their insider went on to explain that if someone has a gun license,the weapon “must be kept covered at all times,and away from members of the public.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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