Hollywood icon Joan Rivers has a new documentary coming out next month, and we have the official movie poster for your viewing pleasure! A Piece of Work will hit select on June 11th.

Joan Rivers A Piece of Work
Credit: IFC Films

When we say that we have the poster for “your viewing pleasure,” we really mean it. Because part of us was a little concerned that there would be some kind of horrifying/creepy visual of Joan‘s face being peeled off. It’s so hard not to wonder what goes on behind all that plastic, isn’t it?

Joan Rivers has always been full of personality, though, and if you check out the preview for A Piece of Work we are sure that you’ll see things you did not expect to see from her. She’s a legend in her own right, she’s been in this business longer than almost anyone else can say they have been, and she is STILL doing it big. This movie seems to be no exception.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival and a WINNER of the Sundance Film Festival this year, and the praise doesn’t stop there. Check out this quote from renowned film critic, Roger Ebert:

“One of the most truthful documentaries about show business I’ve seen. Also maybe the funniest… She remains one of the most transgressive and fearless of comedians, and one of the quickest, fastest and most merciless. The doc shows a life force of formidable energy.”

If this hasn’t sparked your interest, I don’t know what will. Personally, I can’t wait to watch Joan Rivers documentary and get a glimpse behind the curtain of her world. Check out the full size poster and a link to the preview below.

Joan Rivers A Piece of Work

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