President Obama sang AL Green ‘Stay Together’ song perfectly in new Apollo clip. Yesterday afternoon,President Barack Obama hit up the famous Apollo Theatre in New York,and apparently, Gospel singer AL Green performed there before Barack hit the stage. So,when Barack finally got up there,he mentioned AL’s name. Then,surprisingly,started belting out the famous singer’s “Let Stay Together” tune himself,and did one of hell of a job,I must say (video below).

He said, “and then to know that reverend AL Green was here.” Looked up at the crowd for a second,gathered his thoughts,and then sang, “I’m so in love with you.” He hit the note dead on too. The crowd went wild. They loved it,which is huge at the Apollo Theatre,because they’re known to be one of the toughest crowds in the business.

Afterwards,Barack said, those guys didn’t think I would do it. Then he told AL, “don’t worry rev. I cannot sing like you. I just wanted to show my appreciation.” Check it out,below.Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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