The news of a potential return to the “Alien” franchise is both exciting and worrisome. I’ve witnessed one of my beloved stories pretty mucked up thanks to the flailing “AVP” spin-offs, so the idea of another “Alien” attempt isn’t too appealing. But the mere potential of Ridley Scott returning to helm a prequel to the futuristic space thriller he launched is incredibly enticing.

/Film notes recent discussions on the “Alien” prequel:

20th Century Fox head Tom Rothman revealed to IESB that there is “some talk” of an Alien “prequel” to go along with the recently announced Robert Rodriguez-produced Predator reboot Predators. Rothman confirms that director Ridley Scott is “toying around with the idea.” And the Fox head gives the impression that another Alien movie, be it sequel, prequel or reboot, would only happen with Scott’s involvement.

I remember reading an interview with Scott where the filmmaker expressed interest in making a prequel that would explore the origins of the space jockey and the Aliens.

The “space jockey” might be the most fascinating aspect from “Alien” for me. This sole alien sat, presumably, in the captain’s chair with an incredible skeleton design torn through with what we’d learn to be a shiny headed critter. While I’d love to see the story behind what brought him to this point I fear it could never be as good as what “Alien” fans have imagined on their own.

If Scott is on board then I’m interested. If Scott comes back and brings the original writers with him, then I’m definitely, fanatically on board for this one.

Fun fact: “Alien” was originally to be titled “Star Beast.” Yeah.

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