Robert De NiroRobert De Niro is great all on his own, but match him with another great actor and it’s like one of those taste explosions my gum keeps promising me. This time around De Niro will be facing off with Mel Gibson in the adaptation of the BBC mini-series “Edge of Darkness”, which is currently still in pre-production.

Martin Campbell will return to the director’s chair as he did for the original back in 1995. Gibson will star as Thomas Craven, a detective who returns home to find his daughter murdered. Presuming the attack was meant for him he follows the trail only to find a dark web of his daughter’s secret life, a corporate cover-up, and even government shenanigans.

If De Niro pairings are your kind of thing, check out “Righteous Kill” which co-stars Al Pacino and is set to hit theaters later this fall.

Source: Variety via JoBlo

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