Robert Pattinson dropped new Bel Ami movie details in new clip plus new scenes. Recently, this new clip (below) hit the net,and features Twilight mega star Robert Pattinson along with his hot co-star Christina Ricci,explaining their roles in the new “Bel Ami” drama flick. Rob plays character Georges Deroy and Christina Ricci plays character Clotilde de Marelle.

The new clip starts off showing a new scene from the film. It features Georges doing some more flirting with the women. Then Rob chimes in to give some background info on Georges,and Christina does the same with her character Clotilde.

It turns out that Clotilde actually kicks off the flirting action. Robert also revealed that Georges gets the ladies to do things they wouldn’t normally do,and ends up winning big by doing bad things. He starts laughing after that. It’s pretty funny. It also shows new scenes throughout the clip. Check it out,below. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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