Robert Pattinson reportedly sexed up a new girl when Kristen Stewart cheated on him. Hollywood Life is now reporting that they’ve spoken with a new chick,who claims she sexed up Robert Pattinson last summer after he found out that his main chick Kristen Stewart cheated on him. In addition to that,she thought Rob was the bomb in bed,rating him a perfect 10,and more. The girl insisted on keeping her name private. Shocker.

However, she claimed, “I hooked-up with Rob twice last summer and I’d give him a 10 for sure. He’s a great kisser and really sweet, but he still totally knows how to take charge. We were drinking a lot both times but he had no problems in the bedroom, we stayed up almost all night the first time.”

After that, she went on to claim that Rob treated her with a caring attitude even though they both new it was a one night stand,stating, “He was smoking and since I don’t smoke he was really self conscious about his breath and he kept running to the bathroom to use the mouthwash. I told him it was totally fine but it was still nice that he cared so much. We both knew it was never going to be anything serious but Rob never made me feel cheap. The whole thing was as good as you’d imagine. I’d love to see him again.”

To cap off the article, they also said they spoke with another,supposed ex-lover of Rob’s,and she backed up the previous girl’s claims,stating, Rob was “amazing in bed.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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