Robert Pattinson said Twilight Saga filming put him in a bad mood everyday & more. According to Hollywood Life,Twilight Saga mega star Robert Pattinson recently dropped some revealing news about the Twilight filming with BZ Berlin press,and it wasn’t very positive as he expressed that he was pretty much put in a bad mood every day by those damn contact lenses,and more

He explained that it took a long time to shoot the movies,and he never imagined it would be that hard in the beginning. “I mean, I sat in the make-up trailer for at least two hours before every shoot, had to put in those contacts that my eyes never got used to every time.”

He went on to say, “As soon as I put them in, I was in a bad mood, especially when we were on set up to 15 hours, six days a week.” Yeah,that’s not too good at all. On the bright side,he did make a crapload of money,and has a world full of fans. So,it sounds pretty worth it to me. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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