Robert Pattinson’s sisters trying to sway him into dumping Kristen Stewart for other women. As previously reported, stories are coming out of the woodworks that Robert Pattinson’s sisters Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson, highly disapprove of him taking back Kristen Stewart after she cheated on him.

Now, a new report from Hollywood Life, is claiming that not only do the sisters think Rob looks like a chump for taking Kristen back, they are also trying to get him to start looking at other women to possibly date. However, Rob doesn’t appear to appreciate it one bit.

Sources for OK! magazine told them, “Lizzy and Vic tried to talk Rob into ditching Kristen for good. They feel he looks like a chump for taking her back so quickly.” After that, they went on to claim that the two sisters are trying to get Rob to focus on other women,stating, “They love to tell him when certain models become single, like when Leo DiCaprio broke up with Erin Heatherton, but he doesn’t care.”

Apparently,this is also making Kristen quite paranoid that Rob might start listening to his sisters as reports claim, “Kristen is paranoid. Rob promised her he’d start distancing himself from his family; she knows he values their opinion and fears that one day, he’s going to cave.”

Lastly, they state that Rob is currently trying to get his family to just lay off. “Rob has told his family to back off. If they keep making things difficult, Kristen just may get her wish,and Rob could push them away.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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