Filmmaker Paul S. Myers knows the struggle of making an indie film and has come up with a creative way to offset the costs for his upcoming effort 5 Shells which films this summer in New Mexico. He wants to make YOU the executive producer!

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The film 5 Shells is described by Paul Myers as a “Do It Yourself Indie Feature,” and really by ‘do it yourself’ – he means you! The movie happens to take place after a global financial apocalypse, which isn’t too far away from where we are today, if you ask me. In order to fund the movie in this bleak financial climate, Myers is asking for help from anyone and everyone – and he will repay you by featuring your name in the credits of his film for just $1. How cool is that? For a little more green, you have a variety of other options, including the chance to be listed as an Executive Producer on the film, which will end up on IMDb some day! You can be famous. Sort of. Either way, I encourage you to go to the site and read the details on each option – they’re pretty clever.

Now, Paul S. Myers is not the first person to come up with the idea of featuring fans (aka random people) in the credits of a film, he’s the first one I have heard utilizing it in this clever way – to earn money! Writer/Director/All-Around-Awesome-Dude Kevin Smith actually featured a number of his fans (including yours truly!!) in the credits of his 2006 movie, Clerks 2 just for signing up on the website for his mailing list. Then again, he’s also a rich mother-wutter. So Myers is cashing in on this idea in a big way, although from the looks of the website, not big enough. They’re hoping to earn $10,000 and only have $5,732 with only six days until shooting starts! Here’s what Paul S. Myers had to say about it:

“5 Shells” is a micro-budget feature that I am prepping to shoot in the beautiful wilds of New Mexico this summer. After our own global financial psuedo-apocalypse it is a tough sell bleeding a stone for cash for an independent film. I say, like the heros of “5 Shells,” go it alone. Movies were made to be made. So do I’m doing it. If I can raise the 10k here then this shoot will be a great success. If I can raise more than the 10k then post will be a lot easier.

If that plea doesn’t make you want to help Myers’ cause, check out the film synopsis for 5 Shells below, because the movie just sounds pretty effin’ brilliant. Below the synopsis I included a preview for Paul S. Myers’ last indie film starring Scary Movie‘s Anna Faris and Justin Chambers called Southern Belles which is out on DVD now!

Film Synopsis: When their parents are killed Matti and Joslyn are left completely alone. The constant sibling rivalry between the two results in a constant jockeying for power. Though she is younger, thirteen to Joslyn’s fourteen, Matti emerges as the one calling the shots, which might have something to do with the shotgun she won’t let go of. Matti decides they must go find their only relative they know of, their grandmother, who they have never actually met.

As Matti becomes more stoic and pragmatic, Joslyn regresses begging her sister to read to her from her favorite book, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” Where Joslyn finds comfort in the book the story starts infecting Matti’s dreams.

Complicating matters are the two nomads they come upon, Frank and Stanton. Stanton is closer to the girls’ ages, and takes an immediate liking to Joslyn. Frank on the other hand is a different story. He’s charming and can flash a great smile, but underneath that Matti senses a core of menace. But are her instincts correct? Or will Frank and Stanton help Matti and Joslyn along that Yellow Brick Road to a new home?

Support 5 Shells and see your name in lights pixels!

1. Paul Myers Dot Com.
2. Donate through KickStarter.
3. Join the Facebook Group.
4. Follow @fiveshells on Twitter.

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