Selena Gomez announced she just landed a new action movie gig & more in new clip. This past Saturday afternoon, Selena Gomez took a rare break from Justin Bieber to reveal what her latest projects are going to be,and also answered fan questions,and more in a new Youtube video (below).

In the clip, she revealed that she has just landed a new movie gig,called “The Getaway” with actor Ethan Hawke. And when we say new,we freaking mean,new,because IMDB didn’t even have this info yet. So,she must have just gotten done,signing the damn paperwork.

Anyways,she continued on with,”It’s really, really exciting. I go to Bulgaria and then I start filming. It’s more of an action movie,which is also different. So we’re doing that and then hopefully another movie, but that hasn’t really been confirmed yet.”

After that,she revealed that she’s going to put another album together,and she stated, it ” will be the best album I’ll ever do!” So,there you go,guys. Check her out in the video,below. She really dishes out a lot of info. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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