Selena Gomez getting rid of Justin Bieber for New Year’s Eve 2012 bash. According to Hollywood Life,it looks like after all the time that Selena Gomez and her mega star boyfriend Justin Bieber have been spending together,she’s finally going to kick him to the curb,for one night,anyways because she’s got to get back to work to perform a big New year’s eve gig for MTV at Times Square.

Selena is reportedly very excited about the new gig. She said, “We’re going to be there, doing a performance, flying out my grandparents, my cousin, just spend it there.” But don’t worry about Justin,because it’s reported that he’ll also be performing at Dick Clark’s New Year’ Rockin Eve for ABC that night.

So,it looks like these two stars are going to be quite busy,ringing in the new year. Lets also hope these gigs pay them back the $30,000 they just blew for renting out a Presidential suite for three nights last weekend in D.C.. I still can’t get over that.

Anyways, I’m sure Bieber and Gomez will find some sort of way to hook back up as soon as they can. They’ve gotten way to close to stay away for too long. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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