Selena Gomez spotted very bikini top sexy in new ‘Elle’ magazine photo spread. Recently, mega starlet Selena Gomez, posed for, and made the cover of the very prestigious “Elle” magazine,and I must say, they did some very grown up work on the young teen as she looked smoking hot in this sexy pose, sporting a sexy bikini top and very tight,colorful,pants. Her spread appears in their July 2012 issue.

Photographer Carter Smith took the sexy photos,and Selena also chatted with the magazine about her wild,money spending,escapades with Justin Bieber, being poor when she was younger, working for Disney, and her many movie offers.

At one point, she revealed, “”I get offered the teenybopper movies, and I’ve done that. I haven’t done a mega-hundred-billion-dollar Transformers movie, but that’s not what I want to do either.” Hmm. That’s pretty interesting.

She also said that her man Justin Bieber is a hopless romantic. Aww. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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