I love Shia LaBeouf (“Transformers“) as much as the next guy (actually probably way more than the next guy, but that’s another sordid topic altogether), but Shia needs to get the restraining orders ready for the folks at Shiantology

Shiantology is not just a fansite, according to the site’s “About” section: 

Find yourself questioning religion? Not sure which path to take? Scared to death by Tom Cruise?

Then SHIANTOLOGY may be for you.

A new religion founded on Sunday, February 8, 2009 and characterized by a belief in the power of Shia’s spirit to clear itself of past painful experiences (in particular, hand smashing car crashes and drunken outbursts in Walgreens) through self-knowledge, spiritual fulfillment and copious amounts of Arizona Ice Tea.

OK, now I get it. Sign me up. I already drink a lot of Arizona Ice Tea (with ginseng and honey to be exact) and have random Tom Cruise nightmares. But those photos? Of Shia photoshopped on various religious figures? That’s just creepy.

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