Sigourney Weaver may be 60, but she has no interest in slowing down her acting career. In fact, she’s been all over the board recently in discussions on some of her biggest franchises: Aliens and Ghostbusters. While I always enjoy a good “Ghostbusters” rerun on cable, my real interest is Aliens, so let’s start there.

Obviously things started to go down hill as the Aliens series progressed and while many people said it died in the third one I’d say its director, David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club), did no such thing. I actually really enjoyed the third one especially for its conclusion but felt the fourth film set off the bomb. Thankfully, both Weaver and “Alien” director Ridley Scott would want to take a step back:

She asked aloud “whether there’s unchartered territory for a creature who’s become somewhat debased by this computer generated thing. I haven’t seen [“Alien Vs. Predator”] but I just think if you overexpose the creature, that’s a mistake.”

Weaver confirmed that she and Scott have discussed re-teaming for a fifth film, “Both of us feel a kind of commitment to that woman. He’s as much responsible for who she is as I am.” Then as she opined on the way the alien creature had been ruined in the recent films, Weaver’s comments got especially interesting.

“We’d have to go back to the drawing board on [the alien],” she said. “Ridley said that right away when we first talked about [a fifth film].”

And finally, the quote that’s gotten me mighty curious, “What we’re interested in is taking the character of Ripley and seeing what other science fiction story we can tell about someone who has lived several lives.”

I think it’d be hard for Weaver to pull off Lt. Ripley and this age, but taking her character in a different direction would be very cool and if anyone could do it it’d be “Blade Runner” director Scott.

Okay, back to Ghostbusters. There had been lots of chatter on a Ghostbusters sequel starring the Apatow crowd lead by Seth Rogen but still involving Murray and crew. After gaining momentum it was shot down by most of the younger actors, thankfully. I just didn’t like the “passing of the torch” approach to the proposed story.

Weaver told MTV that she’s set to meet with Bill Murray this week and talk things over. She said that if she doesn’t get to come back she’d really like to see her fictional son, Oscar, become a Ghostbuster. That takes me back to my “torch” dislike.

My vote: Aliens 5 – Yes; Ghostbusters 3 – No. You?

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