Rumor has it that the movie rights to “Sin City 2” are being shopped around while Weinstein Co. calls it “hogwash.” The 2005 original helmed by Robert Rodriguez was awesome and fittingly made over $150 million. Since then Frank Miller‘s “The Spirit” did little to motivate audiences despite its stacked cast (heh, pun kinda intended), so the whispers of concern for “Sin City 2” grew louder.

The Weinstein Co./Dimension continue to maintain that they hold the rights to any sequel for the Robert Rodriguez film, which grossed $159 million worldwide when it came out in 2005.

But producers say they have been shopped the rights by reps for Miller’s estate, who they say are seeking a new place to set up a potential follow-up.

If the Weinsteins’ option did lapse, it could have happened for reasons ranging from development inactivity to a decision not to pay to re-up. Sequel rights generally require a certain amount of activity within a defined period to remain with the original rights holder, though in many deals those periods stretch much longer than the four years that have elapsed since the original “Sin City” came out.

I wouldn’t be too worried though. Miller and company don’t seem bothered either as they continue to plow ahead with “Sin City 2”, a “300” sequel, and “Sin City 3.” Seriously.

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