So You Think You Can Dance 2016 eliminated no one tonight,September 5th. Tonight’s elimination/performances show, kicked off with the final 4 contestants and the All Stars performing a group routine to “You Don’t Own Me,” choreographed by Travis Wall. Tonight’s judges were: Nigel, Paula, Maddie, and Jason.

Next, the top 4 danced a Hip Hop routine with NappyTabs to: “Ease On Down The Road.” Kida and Sasha served up an African Jazz routine with Sean Cheeseman to “Din Daa Daa.” Emma did a solo to “Someone Who Can Dance.” Tate and Jonathan rocked a Salsa routine with Stephanie Stevenson. JT gave us a solo performance to: “Ghost Of The Sky.”

Emma and Jenna danced a Contemporary dance with Jaci Royale to: “How Long Will I Love You.” Tate delivered a solo number to “Easy”. JT and Marko performed a Bollywood number with Nakul- Malhari. Kida performed a solo to “Earned It.”

Tate and Katherine danced to “She Used To Be Mine.” The All-Stars danced to “Feathery.” Kida and Fik-Shun performed to “Winning.” JT and Robert danced to “The Mirror.” Finally, Emma and Gaby wrapped up the performances with a number to “Walk Like An Egyptian.”

After that, it was revealed that no one would be eliminated tonight, and that last week’s votes combine with tonight’s votes, will end up deciding who will be the winner! Stay tuned.

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