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So You Think You Can Dance 2016 eliminated Sheaden Gabriel tonight,July 25th. Tonight’s performance/elimination episode, kicked off with the last 9 performers serving up a group performance, which was a contemporary piece by choreographer, Brian Friedman, to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too.”

Then Jake and Jenna rocked out a samba routine choreographed by newly engaged couple Dmitry Chaplin and Jenya Shatilova to “Hip Hip Chin Chin (Maxim Illion Mix)” by Club Des Belugas.

Next, Tahani, performed a solo number to “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce. From there, Tate and Kathryn performed a contemporary routine by “Get Here” by Oleta Adams, choreographed by Brian Friedman. Sheaden performed a Solo number by “Lean On” by Major Lazer. Sheaden. Kida and Fik-Shun served up a hip hop routine to “Panda” by Designer, choreographed by Dave Scott.

Ruby did a Solo ballroom dance to “The Girl’s Gone Wild” by Travis Tritt. J.T. did a solo routine to “Unsteady” by X Embassador. Jordan and Sasha gave us a jazz routine to Sax by Fleur East by Ray Leeper. Tate did a Solo number to “Lorikeet” by The Ship Shape. Sheaden and Marko performed a hip hop number to “Down in the DM” by Yo Gotti, choreographed by Luther Brown.

Emma danced a tap dance solo routine to “Expensive” by Tori Kelly. Ruby and Paul did an Argentine Tango to “Malevo” by Electro Dub Tango, choreographed by Miriam and Leonardo. Jordan delivered a solo routine to “Confident” by Demi Lovato. Tahani and Comfort danced to “Get Busy” by Sean Paul, choreography by Laure Courtellemont

Jake rocked out a solo routine to “It’s a Man’s Man’s World” by Seal. JT and Robert grooved out a contemporary number to “The Mirror,”choreographed by Travis Wall. Kida danced a Solo to “Lazarus” by Trip Lee.

Emma and Gabby tapped out a dance routine to “Salute” by Little Mix, choreographer Chloe Arnold. Finally, after all of that, they revealed that everyone was safe except for poor Sheaden Gabriel, so he had to hit the road. Stay tuned.

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