Nero to possibly take a turn for the worst & more in this new “Sons Of Anarchy” season 5 spoiler tease. Recently, “Sons Of Anarchy,” Nero star Jimmy Smits,chatted it up with Collider,and revealed a small spoiler teaser that we can expect to see from Nero before season 5 ends. Apparently, we’re about to see a sharp turn from Nero. Jimmy kept constantly reiterating this mystical turn that’s about to go down,so you guys should prepare for it.

When asked if Nero would return in season 6, Jimmy told them, “You’ll find out, soon enough. There’s a turn that happens, so we’ll see.” Next, Jimmy elaborated a little bit more about this crazy “turn” that’s about to go down with Nero,stating, Nero’s “revealed a little bit more about what his past is and where he’s come from. He was involved in the penal system, prior to that. So there’s that potential.

It’s a springboard for that. Kurt lays the groundwork and then just mixes it up and blows it up, so that nothing is what it really seems. It’s definitely going to take a turn. You can’t have this guy who’s an ex-gangbanger not see a little bit of that come out. It’s going to turn.” So, there you have it guys. Get ready for this big turn to go down,because it’s definitely going to happen. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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