Survivor 23 cast voted off Edna Ma in episode 12 tonight. Earlier tonight,the 12 episode of Survivor 23 South Pacific aired,and it was quite an interesting episode. It kicked off by showing scenes from last week’s episode when John Cochran got sent to Redemption Island. Then they showed some brief commentary footage with John and Ozzy. They seemed to get along pretty well,considering everything that has gone down.

Next, they showed Brandon,pissing Edna off by excluding her from a group meeting. After that,Edna started bitching to Coach about how she feels so deceived in the game,and wah,wah,wah. After that, they showed Ozzy beat out Cochran in the Redemption Island duel. However,it was very close. Afterwards,John teared up a bit,and gave Ozzy a hug on his way out.

After John left,they had Ozzy choose three people to see their family members,and he ended up picking Coach,Albert,and Brandon. During the little family hang out,Coach made a final 2 deal with Ozzy if he returns to the game,while Brandon’s father tried to get Coach to promise to take Brandon to the final three. Lol!! I thought I was actually watching Russell,there,for a second because they all play the same type of game. I bet they’ll try to get Brandon’s father on next season to try and keep that whole Russell Hanz family thing alive.

Coach ended up winning the immunity challenge. Edna tried to campaign really hard to get Brandon out of the game after she turned down his weak apology for excluding her from the group meetings.

When it was all said and done, Brandon got 1 vote,and Edna got 4 votes,sending her off to Redemption Island to join Ozzy,who she’ll have to beat in a duel to continue on. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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