Survivor 24,One World eliminated Greg Tarzan Smith in episode 13 tonight. Earlier tonight,CBS aired the 13th episode of Survivor season 24,and the last guy took the hit. Tonight’s show kicked off with commentary footage. Tarzan started trying to talk game with Alicia. However,most of the talk was really all over the place.

After a break,they showed Rewards Challenge footage. Chelsea ended up winning it,and took Sabrina and Kim along with her on her food prize. I swear, that Kim is on everyone’s favorites list. Next, they showed Chelsea and the girls’ food reward footage. However,back at the loser’s circle,Alicia started throwing Chelsea and Kim’s name around for elimination,and thought about maybe trying to take Christina and Tarzan to the finals.

However, Alicia chatted with Kim and Christina later on in the day,and decided that she wanted to get rid of Tarzan,because she got suspicious of his intentions. She also said the same thing about Chelsea.

Next,they showed immunity challenge footage. It involved a fish skeleton puzzle. Whoever completed it first,won. It came down to Alicia and Kim,leading the pack,and Alicia just edged Kim out for the win. After that, Tarzan and Chelsea’s name kept getting thrown around for elimination,but most of the elimination vibe was being thrown Tarzan’s way. Alicia mentioned to Tarzan,she was looking to get rid of Chelsea,but she was just lying.

Finally,they showed tribal counsel footage. Talked game for a little while. Then they casts their votes. Tarzan ended up getting 4 votes,and Chelsea only got 1 vote. So,with 4 votes, Tarzan got the shaft,and I’m glad he did.

I never liked him. He was stupid for siding with all those scandalous women,and abandoning all the guys. The finale airs this Sunday night,May 13th. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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