Survivor 24,One World eliminated Jay Byars in episode 9 tonight. Earlier tonight,CBS aired the 9th episode for “Survivor 24: One World,” and another unsuspecting gentleman got the royal blindside. The show kicked off with commentary footage between Jay and Troy. They were pretty worried about this strong women’s alliance that was forming. However,they were still glad they voted off Michael in the last episode.

After the break,they showed “Rewards Challenge” footage,and it was self-hosted again. The crew were split up into two teams to compete,and the winners were awarded a boatride and barbecue. After the challenge, Jay started talking to the girls about how nervous he was of being blindsided.

Next, they showed footage of that hot chick Chelsea,making suggestions to the other ladies to try and get rid of either Jay or Troy. Meanwhile,Jay was talking about voting out Alicia,and even brought it up to Chelsie and Kat at one point,not knowing they had already banded together. Chelsie and Kat lied to Jay’s face,telling him they would vote off Alicia.

The whole time,Troy was very suspicious of the way the ladies acted,because he really thought they may be planning to get rid of either him or Jay. Of course,Jay didn’t believe him when he brought it up,because he thought he had a solid alliance with Kat and Chelsie.

Next, they showed “Immunity Challenge” footage. It was an endurance challenge,and came down to the wire with Chelsie and Leif,and Chelsie pulled out the victory by convincing Leif that he would be seen as less of a threat if he gave up and let her win,so he did.

After the challenge,the girls officially plotted to vote out Troy. However,they planned to throw in a few votes for Jay just in case Troy played an immunity idol. Just before tribal counsel,Troy got nervous,and told Jay,he had an immunity idol,and planned to use it. He also wanted to get Kim voted out. Then Jay went and blurted it to the girls,thinking they were on his side,and basically everyone started scrambling.

Next,they showed Tribal counsel footage. Everyone talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Troy played his immunity idol,so none of the votes for him,counted. Troy ended up getting 2 votes, Kim received 1 vote, Jay got 4 votes,and Alicia got 2 votes. So,with a whopping 4 votes, Jay got ousted,and it was well-deserved as he totally got duped. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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