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Survivor 24,One World eliminated Jonas Otsuji in episode 7 tonight. Earlier tonight,CBS aired the 7th episode for Survivor season 24,and they booted another guy off the island. It kicked off with more commentary footage,and showed whack Alicia,plotting her next moves since Colton left abruptly. She said,she might want to rejoin the women and get rid of the guys. She was also pissed that Colton didn’t give her the immunity idol.

A few of the guys talked about teaming with Alicia since she likes to switch sides a lot. Next,they showed “Rewards challenge” footage. In the rewards challenge,the contestants were split into two teams. They had to do complete an obstacle course challenge and puzzle to win. The winners won pizza and cold bear.

After the break,the group that won rewards,were told there was another immunity idol in play that they could possibly find. Then,back at the loser’s camp,Jonas got real upset with Greg (Tarzan) because he went around, blabbing his mouth about some plan they had. They had a big argument,and Tarzan decided to quit their alliance they had going on. He also said,he didn’t like Jonas anymore like a little baby.

After the break,Troy found the hidden immunity idol,and was very excited about it. Then they showed “Immunity Challenge” footage. In the challenge,they had to balance small balls on a disc,while standing on a small stump without dropping any of them. They continuously added balls to the disc. The last one standing with no balls dropped,won. Eventually,It came down to Troy and Kat,and Troy pulled out the win to claim immunity.

Next,they showed more commentary footage,which revealed a lot of people wanted to get rid of Jonas,because he was considered to be a big threat. Troy told Jonas that people were looking to get him out,so he went and apologized to Tarzan for the argument they had earlier,so they could team back up.

Once they did, Kat’s name was being thrown around for elimination. Just before tribal counsel, Tarzan ticked Chelsea off by mixing his dirty laundry in with hers,so she started suggesting to maybe vote Tarzan out.

Next,they showed tribal counsel footage,and they talked game for a bit. Jonas blabbed, all of Tarzan’s plans to the group,which pissed Tarzan off. After that weirdness,they casts their votes. Jonas ended up getting 7 votes,while Mike got 2 votes.

So,with a vote of 7-2, Jonas got the boot,and became the first member of the jury. I don’t know what Jonas was going for by throwing Tarzan under the bus,but it definitely didn’t work. This season has just been very weird so far. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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