Survivor 24,One World eliminated Troy Robertson in episode 11 tonight. Earlier tonight,CBS aired the 11th episode of Survivor season 24,and the girls finally got their way with Troy. The show kicked off with commentary footage. Kim said,she was still gunning to get Troy out,and was shocked that he almost turned the tables on her in the last episode. Troy still felt alone because wacky Tarzan was working with the ladies.

After all that,they showed “Rewards Challenge” footage,and Kim ended up winning that. Her reward was a giant food picnic,and she got to invite two people to with her. She chose Chelsea and Alicia,which made Kat very angry. Troy also tried to turn it to his favor by telling Kat that Kim revealed her pecking order with her picnic choices.

After a break,they showed Kim,Chelsea,and Alicia’s Rewards,picnic outing,and they talked about trying to do damage control with Kat and the other girls. Meanwhile,Kat was having a hissy fit over not being picked by Kim,and Troy kept rubbing her face in it. Sabrina assessed that Christina was the weakest as she was easily swayed by Troy’s attempts to turn some of the girls against Kim.

Next,they showed the crew,chasing a pig around the camp,just before heading to the immunity challenge. Troy got ousted quickly,and Kim ended up winning it,so she won two challenges this week.

After the break,the girls planned to write Christina’s name down a few times just in case Troy had an immunity idol or something,revealing that Christina was at the bottom of their pecking order. Before Tribal counsel,Christina tried to talk game with Troy because she was nervous about getting ousted by the other women.

Next,they showed tribal counsel footage. Talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Troy ended up getting 4 votes,Chelsea got 1 vote,and Christina got 3 votes. So,with 4 votes,Kim and the gang finally got rid of Troy,but he didn’t really care much at that point,since there wasn’t much he could do. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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