Kat Edorsson in survivor 24

Survivor 24,One World eliminated,blindsided Kat Edorsson in episode 12 tonight. Earlier tonight,CBS aired the 12 th episode for Survivor season 24,and poor Kat got majorly shafted,and it was pretty funny,especially since she was talking about how fun “blindsides” are to watch. Now,she became part of one. A very big one.

The show kicked off with Kim expressing how relieved she was to finally get rid of Troy in the last episode. Then Alicia’s cocky ass came on to say,that she’s the one really running the show,and not Kim. The funny thing is,she might be right,because people want to keep her around for some reason.

Next,the cast got to watch videos from their family members. Then they showed the Rewards Challenge. Just before it began,they found out their family members were actually there,and would be competing with them in the challenge for an opportunity to have a big meat dinner together.

Kat ended up,pulling out the win. She got to invite two more people and their families. She chose to invite Kim and Alicia,despite the fact that they dissed her in the last rewards challenge. After a break,they showed rewards footage,and Kat thought she had it locked with Kim and Alicia for final 3.

Meanwhile,Sabrina and Chelsea were making plans to get Kat ousted. Kim was thinking Sabrina should go home next,because she poses a huge threat to win if makes it to the finals. Next,they showed “Immunity Challenge” footage.

It turned out to be an endurance challenge. They had to hold onto rope,while leaning over a ledge and the rope tension increased the longer they held on. It went on for about an hour,and it came down to Kim and Kat. Kim eventually pulled it out for immunity.

That loss proved to be fatal for Kat,because she did too well,and placed worry in Alicia’s head that she could be a threat if she kept competing that well. Eventually,Alicia,Chelsea,and Sabrina banded together to convince Kim that Kat should go,next. However,Kim still wanted Sabrina out.

Next,they showed tribal counsel footage. Talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Kat ended up getting 4 votes,while Sabrina only got 1 vote. So,with 4 votes, Kat was totally blindsided and clueless as she exited with tears rolling down her face. She also kept looking at Kim with a WTF face too.

Oh my goodness. It made me giggle my ass off. She was so in the dark,and she also pouted about it in her exit interview,claiming,she felt really embarrassed. Awww. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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