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Survivor 25,Philippines Denise Stapley won it all tonight. The finale,2 hour show ,started off with more conversation footage. Everyone was ecstatic to finally get rid of crazy Abi at the last tribal counsel meeting. Denise even said it was like having a tumor removed,which had me cracking up,Lol!!

After that, they headed to the Rewards challenge,it consisted of another obstacle course and puzzle. Malcolm pulled that one out too,which landed him a reward that gave him an advantage in the final immunity challenge. From there,more conversation footage revealed that Denise was very leery of what Malcolm was going to do next,so she decided to go against Malcolm by teaming up with Lisa and Skupin,giving them a very convincing reason why they should take her over Malcolm. And quite frankly,it really wasn’t that difficult,considering how well Malcolm did this season.

However,at one point, Skupin did reveal that he may flip and take Malcolm,because he had this convoluted idea in his head that he should try and take on Malcolm in the finals. After a break, they finally showed the last immunity challenge. In it, they had to balance a little ball on a narrow piece of wood that kept getting stretched out to make it even more difficult.

Anyone who dropped the ball,was immediately eliminated. However, Malcolm won an advantage earlier in the show,which gave him a 2nd chance if he dropped the ball in the challenge. However ,Malcolm ran into major trouble in this challenge and immediately used up both of his chances to win it by dropping the ball twice. Skupin ended up winning it for immunity.

From there, more conversation footage revealed that Skupin still had this desire to take on Malcolm in the finals instead of taking the easier choice of Denise. Denise did as good of a job as she could do to convince him not to take Malcolm,but things still seemed up in the air,heading into tribal counsel.

At tribal counsel,they talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Malcolm got 3 votes,and Denise only got 1 vote. So, with a vote of 3-1, Malcolm bit the dust since he was unable to pull out that final immunity challenge win,leaving Denise,Skupin,and Lisa as the three finalists.

Next,they showed more conversation footage which mainly focused on the final pitch that each of the finalists would make to the jury. Then they showed the final tribal counsel footage,where Denise,Lisa,and Skupin made their final pitch to the jury as to why they should win.

The jury consisted of Artis, Carter,Jonathan Penner, awful Abi, Jeff, RC, Pete,and Malcolm. They all asked the 3 finalists questions after their final speeches were made. Jonathan Penner really got tough with Lisa by revealing to the jury that she was actually a TV Star on the “Facts Of Life” in the 80’s,which could’ve definitely effected her outcome in the voting.

After all that was finally complete,the jury casts their votes. Then the show jumped ahead to tonight’s live show in Hollywood,California, where host Jeff Probst revealed the voting results. Lisa ended up getting 1 vote, Skupin got 1 vote, and Denise got 4 votes. At that point,Jeff stopped reading the votes because Denise already had enough to win the whole damn thing!

So,much congrats to Denise Stapley for her $1 million dollar win. Lisa ended up winning the $100,000 America’s vote, Sprint Player Of The Year prize. Survivor 26 will take place in Caramoan and will be Fans vs. Favorites,so stay tuned for more on that. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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