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Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Artis Silvester tonight for episode 9. The show started with more conversation footage. Lisa was really impressed by how well Malcolm handled things after she called him out at the last tribal counsel meeting for having an immunity idol. He was really nice to her,and said he understood she was trying to play the game. Meanwhile, Jonathan Penner thought he was still the main elimination target.

Next, Penner chatted up Lisa to gradually sway her to his side with an emotional heart to heart, chit chat. He did a good job too as it ended with tears being shed and hugs given. After all that,they headed to the rewards challenge. During the challenge,the tribe was split into two teams again.

Then they had to go through another obstacle course to retrieve a few bags filled with balls. From there,they had to shoot them into a basket. The first team to get all 12 balls in the basket,won a big meal. The red team of Malcolm,Penner,Denise,and Carter won the challenge,so it was a happy day for them.

After a break,they showed rewards footage. At one point, Carter revealed that he wanted to get Michael Skupin and Lisa to turn on their old Tandang peeps,and keep Penner around. Meanwhile, Abbie was very adamant about wanting Penner out,and expressed that to Lisa along with a few insults that got Lisa thinking even more about switching alliances.

Next, they showed the immunity challenge. It was a six ball,balancing challenge,and Skupin ended up winning it,so he was safe this round. More conversation footage revealed that Denise,Malcolm,and Carter were still plotting to get Skupin and Lisa to turn against crazy Abbie and the rest of the Tandang peeps. Penner worked more conversation magic on Lisa just before they headed to tribal counsel.

Finally,they showed tribal counsel footage. They talked game for a bit. Abbie’s big,rude mouth continued to rub Lisa the wrong way just before they started voting. Then the crew casts their votes. Penner ended up getting 4 votes and Artis got 5 votes.

So, it looks like Penner’s magic worked on Lisa and Skupin,and turned the votes to get rid of Artis,which I suspect,was because he seemed to be the main voice for Tandang. Whatever the case,it was highly entertaining to watch. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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