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Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Carter Williams tonight for episode 12. The show started off with more conversation footage. Lisa received great words from Denise for not going back on her word at the last tribal counsel meeting. Also, crazy Abi started doing some more complaining,because as we all know, Abi not complaining is like Easter without eggs. It just comes along with the package.

After that, they headed to rewards challenge and were reunited with their loved ones to compete with them. Before the challenge, things got very emotional. The challenge consisted of tossing things around and knocking blocks over. Malcolm and his brother ,pulled out the victory,and got to invite two other teams to join them. Malcolm chose Lisa and her brother ,and Skupin and his son. As a reward, they got to spend more time together and eat.

During the rewards footage, Skupin and Lisa plotted to get rid of Malcolm for being so damn good of a competitor. Then they headed to the immunity challenge. It involved collecting a bag of sticks,and creating a long enough stick pole to push over a target. Malcolm ended up winning that one too,so he was safe this round,which also meant that Lisa and Skupin would have to make other plans.

Carter and Abi’s name came up for elimination. Then Abi started running her big mouth,once again, ticking everyone off and making everyone really want to vote her out instead. She also kept lying about having a hidden immunity idol. Next, they showed tribal counsel footage. While there, they talked game for a little while. Then they casts their votes.

Abi got only 1 vote,and Carter got 4 votes . So, with a vote of 4-1,Carter unfortunately got the shaft for being too strong of player. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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