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Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Jeff Kent tonight in episode 8. The show kicked off with more conversation footage. Penner was feeling quite pissed that his old Tandang peeps turned on him at the last tribal counsel meeting,and said he wasn’t aligned with anyone at this point. Lisa also revealed that most of the people didn’t want any returning players, Michael Skupin or Penner to win,so they were high up on the elimination radar.

Next, they showed Rewards Challenge footage. During the challenge,the tribe was divided into two teams,and had to collect 4 fish traps from the water,and then piece together yet another puzzle for the victory. I swear,they love puzzles on Survivor. Anyways, the winning team won another predictable big meal.

After a break,more conversation footage went down,and everyone still wanted to get Penner out yet again. However, Penner tried to direct focus off him and at some other people,so he could have some sort of a chance at sticking around. The new chatty version of Lisa ,continued to plot and scheme as she tried to set up a blindside of Malcolm with Michael. She told Michael, that Malcolm has an immunity idol.

Next,they showed immunity challenge footage,and they had they had to do another obstacle course and puzzle challenge. The number one target ,Jonathan Penner, ended up claiming the victory to remain safe. That left everyone ,scrambling, as they had to change up their elimination target for this round.

A couple of people’s names came up for elimination . First,Skupin’s name was mentioned. Then Lisa tried to get Pete to blindside Malcolm by telling him,he had the immunity idol. From there, Pete told Malcolm what Lisa told him. Then Malcolm tried to play it off. It seemed to work,because Pete said, he wanted to get rid of Jeff,and got a lot of people to agree with that option.

However, Malcolm made a last ditch effort to try to turn the elimination votes in Pete’s direction,so now, Pete was a target as well,heading into tribal counsel. At tribal counsel. They talked game for a bit. Lisa opened her big mouth,revealing every little detail of all her plans,and called Malcolm out about having an immunity idol.

This caused both Abbie and Malcolm to reveal,they had immunity idols,but they,interestingly enough,didn’t play them. Then everyone casts their votes. Jeff ended up getting 5 votes, Pete got 4 votes, and Abbie got 1 vote. So, with 5 votes, Jeff had to say goodbye from one of the most confusing episodes of Survivor,ever. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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