Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Jonathan Penner tonight in episode 11. The show kicked off with more conversation footage that revealed Abi to be quite upset and tearful about everyone thinking she’s just an absolutely awful person. Malcolm felt a little bad for her and consoled her a bit. Then they headed to spend money at a survivor auction,where they got to bid on items that were mostly food. However, there was one item that was an advantage in the game,and Abi quickly outbid everyone for it.

Next, Abi found out her advantage was to automatically advance to the final round of the upcoming immunity challenge. Abi also thought a few people were sucking up to her since she got the advantage. She also said,she was going to try to lie to the other tribmembers and play them. She kicked off her lying by telling Malcolm, she had an immunity idol.

Then they headed off to the immunity challenge,which was a three part obstacle course in which Abi automatically advanced to the final round due to her advantage she purchased earlier in the show. And surely enough, Abi pulled out the win to claim immunity this round. At one point Denise said, “I wanna throw up” in response to Abi’s crazy victory yell. It was kinda funny.

From there,more conversation footage took place,revealing Malcolm,Denise,and Lisa made plans to get rid of Johnathan Penner. However,Lisa didn’t really want to go along with that plan,and told Penner about it,suggesting he try to talk with the others and work his magic on them. He did,and Denise’s name started being thrown around for elimination,heading into the tribal counsel.

Next, they headed to tribal counsel,talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Penner ended up getting 4 votes, and Denise got 3 votes. So with a vote of 4-3, Penner made a very animated exit from the show,which was actually long overdue,and Denise just narrowly escaped getting the shaft. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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