Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated mean Abi Maria Gomes tonight in episode 13. The show started off with more conversation footage. Malcolm revealed that he wasn’t too fond of the type of person that Lisa was looking to try to take into the finals as it involved weaker players than herself.

Then Abi revealed that she wanted to get rid of Malcolm ,and told Lisa that she was at the bottom of Skupin,Malcolm,and Denise’s alliance. However, Lisa didn’t believe her. Next, they showed Rewards Challenge footage. In it, the contestants had to go through a mini obstacle course and collect five rings. Then they had to pitch the rings onto some hooks. The first one to hook all five rings,won. Skupin pulled out the win and got to take two other people for pizza and soft drinks. He chose to take Lisa and Malcolm.

After a break, they showed Denise ,stuck alone, with awful Abi ,and Denise revealed that she just wanted to try and make it through the afternoon without killing herself. Meanwhile, Malcolm,Lisa,and Skupin had a blast on their rewards trip. They also agreed to a final three deal,which would single Denise out,because Malcolm thought he would have a tough time beating Denise in the finals. In private, Lisa revealed that she may not be fully on board with the final three deal,and would betray it if some more enticing came along.

Next, Denise started feeling great pain,and revealed that she may have gotten bit by something,just before the immunity challenge. At immunity, they had to walk a plank and put another puzzle together in the fastest time to win it. Malcolm made a huge comeback,after falling off the plank, to win it. It was freaking amazing.

From there,Denise and Abi’s name kept coming up for elimination. It appeared that Abi was starting to make leeway with Skupin and Lisa. However, at the tribal counsel meeting, Abi started acting crazy again,calling Skupin an idiot and a moron just before it was time to vote,and surely enough, Abi got 3 votes and Denise only got 1 vote. So, with a vote of 3 -1, Abi’s rude,dumb mouth sent her packing in episode 13. So,good riddance to her. My goodness. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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