Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Pete Yurkowski last night In episode 10. The episode started off with more conversation footage. Awful Abbie tried to make some horrible attempt at trying get Lisa to come back to their old Tandang side,but Lisa wasn’t going for it as she was happy where she was at.

After all that, they headed to the Rewards Challenge. During the challenge,they split up into two teams to go turn a bunch of weird drums over while running around. It was a very odd challenge. Anyhow,the red team of Carter, Abbie,Malcolm,and Pete, won. Their prize was a delicious chicken dinner plus a very relaxing massage outing.

After a break,they showed the rewards dinner footage. When Abbie and the crew got back,Abbie started really getting on people’s nerves by heavily bragging about how nice her rewards trip was. Then she said,she wasn’t going to help out around camp anymore. It was really odd how she just absolutely doesn’t have a filter at all. Denise was really irritated with her,and wanted to vote her out immediately.

At one point, Malcolm offered up a final four deal to Skupin and Lisa,which would also involve Denise. Skupin and Lisa went ahead with it after checking with Penner,and seeing that he wouldn’t commit to anything. From there, they showed immunity challenge footage. It involved a big 3 part obstacle course. Carter stepped up ,and brought home a win for his safety this week.

After a break, more conversation footage revealed that Abbie and Pete were plotting and planning to try and get rid of Malcolm. They tried to present the offer to Lisa and Skupin. Lisa totally wasn’t having it,but Skupin did think about it as he saw Malcolm as a definite threat to win the whole thing. Next,they headed to tribal counsel.

They talked game for a bit,and bashed on how bitchy Abbie is until she shed a couple of tears. It was awesome,lol! Then Abbie,of course, decided to use her immunity idol to avoid the wrath of everyone’s vote. Malcolm ended up getting 2 votes, Abbie got 3 votes,and Pete got 3 votes.

None of Abbie’s votes counted,so Pete got the boot,which serves him right for screwing over that hottie RC earlier in the game. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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