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Survivor 26,Fans Vs Favorites eliminated crazy Brandon Hantz tonight in episode 5. The show, started off with conversation footage. Reynold wanted to let the Fans tribe know he gave up the immunity idol at last tribal counsel to clear the air,and that he just wanted to move forward together and win some challenges. Matt said, he thought Reynold was just full of it,and would probably just start searching for another immunity idol again.

Next, they showed crazy Brandon,telling the Favorites tribe, he wanted out,because he misses his family,and that he’s volunteering to get voted out if they have to go to tribal counsel. What’s really crazy ,though, is that Brandon told them he actually thought about pissing on everyone’s rice and burning down their shelter instead of just telling them, he wanted to go. Which,if anyone is wondering,is absolutely psycho.

After that, they showed rewards challenge footage. In it, the tribes had to shoot coconuts into the other tribe’s basket in an effort to make it too heavy for the tribemembers holding it. The first tribe to drop all their baskets, lost. The Favorites ended up pulling out the win for this one also,and had a nice barbecue meal as a reward.

Next, they showed all the Fans,scrambling around in search of the immunity idol as no one felt safe. Meanwhile, Brandon started to lose his marbles again,and it would escalate as he finally decided to blow up at Phillip by telling him to stop bragging about helping the team win the challenge. From there, Phillip made up his mind that he wanted Brandon ousted,immediately. The other tribemembers appeared to feel the same way.

From there, Brandon attempted to try and apologize to Phillip ,and Phillip played along with it,but secretly, he made plans to get Brandon out of this game. In fact, he contemplated having the tribe throw the immunity challenge just so they could get rid of Brandon. Phillip suggested the plan to Andrea,first. Then she went back and told Brandon, Phillip was still trying to get him out. That made Brandon start back up again with his craziness. He pulled Phillip aside to talk again. The conversation didn’t go very well as Phillip called Brandon out on all his BS.

Then Brandon retaliated by pouring everyone’s food out and kicking over some stuff,claiming, he’s the author of his own elimination, and just basically went crazy. Next, everyone showed up for the immunity challenge,but the Brandon crazy show continued before they could ever get started as he tried to tell the other tribe, he was going to be helping them win this challenge. After that, all the Favorites spoke up in agreement that they wanted to forfeit the immunity challenge, so they could vote out crazy Brandon.

However, host Jeff Probst kept the madness going for entertainment purposes. He pulled Brandon to the side to try and discuss things,but it didn’t work as he just kept cussing and shouting at Phillip. Finally, Jeff decided to honor their forfeit request and took it one step further by having the tribal counsel meeting right there on the spot!

Jeff also had everyone vote out loud. Brandon, of course,voted for Phillip to go. Then everyone else voted for Brandon to go. So with a vote of 8-1,Brandon was very eliminated. From there, they told Brandon to exit in the opposite direction as this was really just him being kicked off,and they didn’t want him to pull some more crazy stunts.

Oh, and Brandon also called Phillip a bitch on the way. Lol! It was priceless. Craziest Survivor episode yet. It just had to be. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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