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Survivor 27,Blood Vs Water eliminated Hayden Moss tonight in episode 13. Tonight’s show, started off with more conversation footage. Katie chatted with her mom,Tina, and Laura M at Redemption Island about how they had to pull rocks at the last tribal counsel. In the meantime, back in the main game, Tyson told the private cams, he was very annoyed with Monica’s constant game-talking as she just couldn’t seem to shut the F up after the last tribal counsel,lol!!

Hayden also served up a little gloating about the major game-changing scrambling he did at the last tribal counsel to stick around. After a break, they showed Redemption Island dual footage with Laura M,Tina, and Katie. In the challenge, they had to construct a bamboo stick that was long enough to hook key rings back to their side side of a cage,so they could unlock themselves from it.

The first two to achieve this goal, got to move on. Power competitor, Laura M, pulled out another first place finish, while Tina had to regrettably beat out her daughter, Katie, to send her steppin, and it got quite emotional. Laura M also got to give away a hidden immunity idol clue for finishing ,first, and she ,not surprisingly, gave it to her daughter, Ciera, again.

After a break, Hayden and Ciera immediately attempted to scramble for the hidden immunity idol, but I believe the clue was for the same idol that Tyson had already found. Whatever the case, they couldn’t find it, and they really needed to as Monica,Tyson,and Gervase further reaffirmed that they were going to stick together no matter what.

Next, they showed immunity challenge footage. In it, they had to do another obstacle course where they retrieved puzzle pieces out of the water to eventually complete a puzzle phrase for the victory. And Ciera finally got her first win to claim immunity, and she also won a reward, which was a big meat meal. She got to choose one person to accompany her,and she chose Hayden without hesitation.

After another break, they showed more conversation footage. Hayden and Ciera gulped down their delicious meal, while Tyson,Gervase, and Monica looked on,plotting and planning to stick together. However, Ciera and Hayden agreed to try and sway Monica by just totally throwing Tyson under the bus. Ciera told Monica, that Tyson talked all kinds of mad crap about her, and she seemed to buy it as she got sort of upset.

After all that, they showed tribal counsel footage where they talked game for a bit before submitting their votes. And Ciera and Hayden pulled out all the stops to try to continue swaying Monica to their side. Then Hayden ended up getting 3 votes and Gervase got only 2 votes. So, with 3 votes, it appears that Hayden’s luck just finally ran out as Monica decided to stick with Tyson and Gervase. But for a second there, it seemed pretty damn close.

Oh well. Hayden will have another chance to get back in the game by competing against Laura M and Tina at Redemption Island. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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