Survivor 27,Blood Vs Water eliminated Laura Morett tonight in episode 10. Tonight’s show, started off with conversation footage. Ciera and her veteran mother ,Laura M, talked about what their game plan was going to be, and they both noticed that Ciera was giving most of the orders for some role reversal action ,since she was actually playing a better game than Laura.

After a break, they showed Redemption Island, dual footage with Vytas,Aras, and Tina. It was a table maze challenge that ended with Vytas finishing first,and Tina coming in 2nd place, which meant that past champion ,Aras, got ousted from the game for good and was the first jury member. Since Vytas finished first, he was able to give a hidden immunity idol clue to one of the contestants,and he decided to let Tina’s daughter, Katie, have it. Unlike a lot of the others before her ,Katie decided to hold on to the immunity idol instead of burning it.

Next, more conversation footage went down. Tyson brought up Laura M’s name, again, as a target, because he wanted to reel her daughter, Ciera, back in with his group. Ciera also told Laura that she may have to vote her out at some point in order to win the game, and Laura was actually proud of her, being courageous enough to do that.

Katie eventually got to work, using her immunity idol clue to try and find it. However, Laura M followed her to try and find it as well. Katie noticed what Laura was doing, so she started digging in the wrong places to throw Laura off the trail. Meanwhile, Tyson told Ciera about Laura being the main “vote out” target.

In the immunity challenge, everyone had to just basically hold on to a rope while leaning over the edge of a plank for dear life. The last one left holding on,won. And fierce Monica pulled out the victory to claim her 2nd Immunity challenge win. She also won a reward that consisted of a big meal with hamburgers ,french fries, etc. She was given a chance to invite some people along for the meal. However, she decided to just give her whole meal over to the rest of the contestants, claiming that the immunity necklace was more important than the food, and that she wanted them to eat.

From there, Ciera lied to Katie about finding the immunity idol to make sure Katie hadn’t found it yet. Then Ciera tried to use that intel to sway Tyson and the others to vote off Katie instead of Laura, but it didn’t work as Tyson was just dead set on keeping with the plan to vote Laura M out.

Finally, they show tribal counsel footage. Everyone talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Laua M ended up getting 5 votes and Katie got just 1 vote. So, with 5 votes, everyone did listen to Tyson ,yet again,and sent Laura M back to Redemption Island ,where she will,once again, compete for another opportunity at getting back in the game. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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