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Survivor 33 eliminated Mari Takahashi tonight,September 28th. Tonight’s episode, kicked off with the more conversation footage and David’s name immediately came up as the next person to go along with CeCe.

Later on, David eventually found the hidden immunity idol that he wanted so bad. Taylor and Figgy started up a little romance action at one point, and got caught kissing by Michaela.

Ken and David started talking about targeting Paul, because they think he’s trying to run everything. Michaela and Figgy had a little tiff at one point, and Figgy said that Michaela needs to go. Later on, the medical team was called in to evaluate Paul’s health after he started shaking. It turned out to be heat exhaustion and dehydration, and he got stick around.

Next, they showed immunity challenge footage. It consisted of them diving for rings and then having to toss five of the rings onto a stand for the win. The Gen X tribe ended up pulling out the victory for immunity, leaving the younger Millennials to have to figure out who to send packing.

Figgy’s name came up ,first, for elimination. However, the campaigning quickly switched to getting Mari out. Next, Zeke’s name was added to the mix by Jay just before tribal council footage.

During tribal council, everyone talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Figgy ended up getting 3 votes, and Mari got a whopping 6 votes. So, with 6 votes, Mari got the heavy shaft in this episode. Stay tuned.

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