Survivor Season 24 to take place in Samoa and is titled ‘One World.’ Last night after celebrating the end of another successful season of Survivor, Jeff Probst revealed new details for the upcoming 24th season of the show.

He revealed that it’s going to be titled “Survivor One World,” and it will take place in Samoa,once again. This is the 4th time they used Samoa as a filming location. They’re titling it One World because they are putting two tribes on just one beach to battle it out. As far as I know,it looks like they’re throwing the Redemption Island twist out. I’ve also heard some other sources say that as well. So, once they get voted off in season 24,they’re really going to be gone.

In related news, Sophie Clarke did win Survivor 23,and Ozzy won the “Fan Favorite” vote prize of $100,000,which is good because I thought he really deserved it after what he pulled off. Russell Hanz appeared on the live,finale show to bash his nephew Brandon. He told him,he did absolutely everything wrong in the game. It was pretty cold.

I was impressed with how good an attitude Brandon kept. It seems like he’s gotten rid of all the tears,I guess. Back to survivor 24. It’s scheduled to debut on February 15th,and it’s already been taped. They just wrapped it up last month. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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