Survivor season 32 Michele Fitzgerald won the whole show tonight,May 18th. Tonight’s episode, kicked off with conversation footage. Aubry chatted with Tai about bringing Cydney to the final 3 and getting rid of Michele. Meanwhile, Cydney was spotted chatting with Michele about taking Aubry to the final 3.

Next, they showed Rewards Challenge footage. It was a tiles and obstacle challenge, and Aubry won it, and got a steak and drinks dinner as the prize. She was able to choose one other person to join her, and she picked Cydney so she could chat with her about getting rid of Michele, so they could head to the final 3.

Cydney told Aubry that she wanted to get rid of Michele. Meanwhile, Michele chatted with Tai about trying to vote out Cydney or Aubry in an attempt to keep herself safe.

Next, they showed Immunity Challenge footage. It was a key retrieval and puzzle challenge, and Michele pulled out the victory in a blaze of glory, solidifying her final 3 spot!

Next, Aubry plotted with Tai to get Cydney voted out. Meanwhile , Michele plotted with Cydney to get Aubrey voted out. Then Michele campaigned to Tai to vote out Aubrey, and he seemed to think it was a good idea as long as it wasn’t him that was leaving.

At tribal council, everyone talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Aubry got 2 votes and Cydney got 2. Since Michele and Tai said they were both locked in with their opposing votes, Cydney and Aubry had to compete, head to head, in a fire-making challenge to decide who would advance to the final 3.

Aubry ended up pulling out the win to claim her final 3 spot, leaving poor Cydney to have to settle for being the final member of the jury. So, the final 3 turned out to be: Michele, Tai and Aubry.

Next, They showed the final immunity challenge footage. However, host Jeff Probst, said the final immunity challenge wasn’t for immunity, but for a chance to get rid of one of the jury members! It was a balancing challenge, and Michele pulled it out for the opportunity to vote out one of the members of the jury!

Next, a lot of discussion about which jury member Michele should get rid of, took place. Scot and Jason’s names were mentioned. Then at tribal council, Jeff shocked the unknowing jury by revealing that one of them would be getting voted off.

Shortly after that, Michele revealed that Neal was the unlucky jury member to get voted out, claiming that he could be very persuasive and possibly hurt her game.

Next, the final 3 got prepped for the very last tribal council. At tribal council the final 3 answered very tough questions from the jury, and made their final plea speech as to why they should win the $1 million dollar grand prize. Aubry gave really good answers, and appeared to have things locked. Michele also did very well while Tai totally flopped.

From there, all the jury members casts their votes. Then the show kicked into the live footage where Jeff quickly read off the votes. Michele got 4 votes and Aubry got 2 votes. From there, Jeff stopped reading because Michele had enough votes to win this whole got damn thing!

So, much congrats to Michele Fitzgerald. Season 33 has been confirmed, so we’ll see you guys back here in late September or Early October 2016 to this all over again. Stay tuned.

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