October 29, 2009

31 Great Horror Movies: ‘Psycho’

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” is the second movie on the list that was inspired by real cannibal Ed Gein. Norman Bates is actually based loosely on Gein. Of course Norman only wore women’s clothing. Gein wore women’s skin. Norman Bates is a real mamma’s boy. So much so that he’s still under her control even though […]

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September 8, 2008

Spielberg Sued Over ‘Disturbia’ Copyright Infringement

This weekend while I was enjoying “Disturbia” on a “Free HBO Weekend” some paperwork was being prepared for said movie, some not-so-nice paperwork at that. On Monday a lawsuit was filed in Manhattan’s federal court, alleging that Steven Spielberg and associated studios stole the story for 2007’s thriller, “Distubia”: According to the lawsuit, filed by […]

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