New Awkward season 6 currently questionable,MTV is undecided. Hey, “Awkward” fans. It actually looks like there may be hope for a new season 6 of your favorite show after it has been long believed that season 5 would be the last.

A new report from TV Line, is claiming that most of the cast and producers are interested in moving forward with a season 6. So, now, it’s in MTV’s hands whether they want to renew it or not.

They spoke with executive producer, Chris Alberghini. He told them: ” We as the showrunners certainly believe there are plenty more stories left to tell, and we’re excited about the potential to do so. But we don’t control the fate of the show.

It’s just a matter of MTV deciding what fits into their schedule next year and how many shows they’re going to have. We’re certainly interested, and most of the cast is interested.”

Also, if a season 6 were to occur, executive producer, Michael Chessler, revealed some spoiler ideas for it stating: “We’d jump ahead in time again, and there have been conversations about having it in a different city with a different feel.

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