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Bachelor In Paradise 2016 Nick Viall to be the new Bachelor 2017. Last night during the after show of the new “Bachelor In Paradise 2016” episode 9, host Chris Harrison revealed that ABC finally called up to 2-time Bachelor finalist, Nick Viall, to be the main man for their upcoming 2017 edition of “The Bachelor!” So, Nick will finally get his shot to choose between 25 to 30 different women without any competition from other males.

And hopefully after it’s all said and done, they can get him married off, and we won’t have to see him showing back up on anymore of these Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. We’re guessing that filming for the new Bachelor 2017 season, will start up during the fall sometime, probably in late September, early October 2016. And we’ll of course be back with coverage of all the spoilers when it debuts in January 2017.

As for the current Bachelor In Paradise 2016 show, Nick did sort of address his relationship with Jen on the show as it’s obvious that they don’t end up working out since he’s going to be the new Bachelor 2017.

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