Bachelorette 2016 JoJo picked Jordan Rogers to be her husband tonight,August 1st. Tonight’s finale episode, kicked off with footage of JoJo taking Jordan (left) to meet her family. He brought them some gifts and eventually chatted with her mother and father. The mother definitely liked him and so did her father. In fact, pretty much everyone liked him.

Next, Robby came to meet her folks. He brought them a personalized wine bottle to start off the visit. Then he eventually chit chatted with both JoJo’s mother and father. He really impressed them, and said very nice things about JoJo. JoJo’s father even gave him his blessing to marry her when he asked for it.

After all that, JoJo talked with her family, alone, to get their opinions. JoJo’s mother thought Robby was more husband material than Jordan, and so did her father. JoJo’s brothers also favored Robby more.

However, JoJo actually said she liked the fact that Jordan seemed more fun and outgoing. At one point, her family mentioned that Jordan never asked her father for his permission to marry her, and that seemed to be a really big issue.

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