September 11, 2013

Big Brother 15 Eliminated Judd Daugherty Tonight In Week 11,Andy Won HOH

Big Brother 15 eliminated Judd Daugherty tonight in week 11,Andy won HOH. Tonight’s special live eviction show, started off with new footage from what went down in the house these last couple of days. They showed Judd ,ending his exercise punishments with a painful 75 sit ups. McCrae and GinaMarie got to end their being tied to each other punishment.

They also showed the exterminators, GinaMarie,Spencer,Judd, and Andy ,trying their hardest to convince McCrae he was safe even if he didn’t win the POV,but McCrea didn’t buy it for a second,and he knew he would have to go all out for the POV to confirm his safety in the house this week. After all that, they showed Big Brother 14 champ, Ian Terry, hosting the POV comp, which was a physical/puzzle type challenge in which McCrae won to solidify a final 4 position in the house.

After a break, they showed footage of Judd,starting to act a little crazy, knowing he could possibly get evicted for a 2nd time this season. And those little antics definitely sealed his eviction fate. Next, they showed footage of current HOH, Spencer Clawson, replacing McCrae with Judd on the eviction chopping block.

After that, Judd stood up and told McCrea, he is his main target,and told the others, he would not be going after them if they voted to keep him. And everyone was quite shocked by that to say the least. After another break, they had the two eviction nominees, GinaMarie and Judd, give their speeches before the rest of the houseguests casts their votes to evict.

Andy and Mccrae both voted to evict Judd, and no one voted to evict GinaMarie. So, with a vote of 2-0, Judd got evicted for a 2nd time tonight in week 11. From there, Judd gave his 2nd exit interview with host, Julie Chen, before the remaining houseguests competed for the 2nd to last HOH. It turned out to be a quiz comp, which resulted in a 3-way tie before Andy won it with a tough tie-breaker question! So, Andy has solidified himself a final 3 spot with that victory!

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September 10, 2013

Big Brother 15 Judd Replaced McCrae For Eviction Nomination Yesterday,Week 11

Big Brother 15 Judd replaced McCrae for eviction nomination yesterday,week 11. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the POV ceremony for Big Brother season 15,week 11 ,went down yesterday,September 9th, and current POV champ, McCrae Olson did the always smart thing ,using the veto to take himself off the eviction chopping block.

From there, reigning HOH, Spencer Clawson, elected to put up Judd in his place. So now, Judd and GinaMarie Zimmerman are sitting on the chopping block, and one of them will definitely go home in this Wednesday’s special eviction show. From chit chatter on the feeds, it appears that Andy, Spencer, and McCrae have all agreed to go ahead and send Judd packing this week for a plethora of different reasons.

Spencer and Andy don’t really feel they can trust him in the long run. And then there’s one of the greatest reasons of all. Hell, he was already voted out once before. I don’t care what kind of producer twist or interference lets somebody back into the game, it will always ultimately be viewed as unfair when you get down to the nitty gritty, because ,quite frankly, it is, plain and simple.

The only prayer Judd has was to either winning the veto, or convincing the rest of the house guests that coming back, isn’t unfair. And he didn’t do that, so goodbye Judd.

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August 23, 2013

Big Brother 15 Elissa Won HOH Last Night For Week 9 And Judd Returned To The Game

Big Brother 15 Elissa won HOH last night for week 9 and Judd returned to the game. Ok, so as previously reported,the Big Brother season 15,week 9 HOH and Jury competition were combined ,and finished up late last night after the show aired. We got to see the completed results on the live feeds, and Elissa Slater ended up,pulling out the HOH victory, while previously evicted Judd won on his end to return back to the game.

During the competition, everyone had to stand on a moving apparatus while tennis balls were periodically thrown at them at blazing high speeds. The first one to catch 10 of the balls without falling off, won. From what I’ve heard on the feeds, Elissa told Amanda that Aaryn is definitely her target this week. Amanda was ,of course, fine with that. However, she had a problem in the way Elissa wants to go about doing it as she wants to put Aaryn up against either Amanda or McCrae.

Amanda thinks that option poses a serious threat to her game. However, it’s still early,and game talk has barely gotten underway. Judd is already trying to get back in good with the rest of the houseguests,so he doesn’t go straight back out like so many others from the past. The nomination ceremony is expected to place later on today, August 23rd

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August 8, 2013

Big Brother 15 Eliminated Candice Stewart & Judd Daugherty For Week 6 Tonight

Big Brother 15 eliminated Candice Stewart & Judd Daugherty for week 6 tonight. Tonight’s live double eviction show, started off with footage from this week. Amanda tried to play nice with Jessie,but to no avail as Jessie didn’t buy her BS. Jessie told the Diary Room cams, she wanted to get Amanda evicted. In the meantime, Amanda revealed that she didn’t really trust Judd because she thinks he’s possibly the MVP vote that put her up for eviction.

Then they showed how Jessie kept trying to plant seeds to get Amanda voted out. At one point, she got Helen thinking about it, but Andy talked her out of it. From there, host Julie Chen revealed to the houseguests, there would be a 9-person jury,so anyone leaving tonight, would be part of that jury. Julie also told them, it was a double-eviction night.

Next, the nominated houseguests: Candice,Spencer,and Amanda gave their speeches. Candice, of course, got crazy with her speech, which started a huge verbal argument with GinaMarie, causing things to get out of hand. Julie had to shout at them to calm down as the show had time restraints and they were holding things up. After all that madness, the other houseguests, finally casts their votes to evict.

McCrae,Aaryn,Helen, Jessie,Elissa, Andy, and Judd all voted to evict Candice. No one voted to evict Spencer, and no one voted to evict Amanda. So with a vote of 7-0-0, Candice finally got the royal shaft, and was sent packing,but not before having a few more words with GinaMarie and GinaMarie basically cussed her out the freaking door,lol!!! From there, Candice gave her exit interview to Julie before the next HOH competition.

The HOH comp was a quiz, and Aaryn pulled out the victory to claim her 3rd HOH of the season. Then after some quick strategizing, Aaryn decided to nominate Spencer and Jessie for eviction. Julie also revealed that the MVP twist was finally over. Thank God!!

Next, the remaining houseguests competed for the POV. It was a semi-physical competition with a puzzle. And Aaryn,still on fire, won that one as well! Then after some weird, last-minute strategizing, Aaryn shockingly, pulled Jessie off the block ,and replaced her with Judd, claiming she would go home if she didn’t do it. Apparently, Helen and company got in her ear, and told her they wanted Judd out the house, because they thought he was playing everybody.

Next, Judd and Spencer gave their final speeches before the houseguests casts their votes to evict. Amanda, McCrae, GinaMarie,Andy,Helen,Elissa, and Jessie all voted to evict Judd, and no one voted to evict Spencer. So, with a vote of 7-0, Judd surprisingly got sent packing tonight with a huge blind side, along with Candice. Wow! The next HOH competition is expected to go down later on tonight,or tomorrow,sometime.

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July 18, 2013

Big Brother 15 Eliminated Jeremy McGuire Tonight June 18th,Judd Won New HOH

Big Brother 15 eliminated Jeremy McGuire tonight June 18th,Judd won new HOH. The show, started off with new footage from what went down this past week inside the house. Aaryn tried to play nice while on the chopping block,but still couldn’t manage to entirely suppress the mean girl that resides within her. Jeremy tried to make a strong effort to stay in the house by entirely changing his personality,and it seemed to work at times,but it was too little, too late. GinaMarie’s disturbing obsession with Nick was even further exploited,and more.

Next, they also took a look at the very disturbing McCrae and Amanda showmance that’s been going on. From there, host Julie, talked live with the houseguests in the living room. Then after a break, the eviction nominees, Aaryn,Jeremy,and Spencer, gave their final plea speeches before the rest of the houseguests casts their votes to evict. Kaitlin voted to evict Spencer. Candice, Andy, Howard, Elissa, GinaMarie, Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, and Judd all voted to evict Jeremy. No one voted to evict Aaryn.

So, with a landslide vote of 9-1,everything went down as expected for Helen and her squad,sending big Jeremy back home to his boat in Texas. But first, Jeremy gave his exit interview to Julie before the houseguests competed in the new HOH competition for week 4. They also revealed that they’re letting America be the MVP this week to nominate the 3rd houseguests to be put on the eviction chopping block, which I think is just completely ridiculous, but whatever.

The new HOH competition, turned out to be another quiz,and it came down to McCrae,Judd,and Kaitlin. But we got another surprise with Judd,pulling out the win with a huge tiebreaker question. So, Judd is the new HOH for the upcoming week 4. Who will Judd put up for eviction?

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