April 16, 2014

Kristen Stewart Seen Rockin New Orange Hairdo For A New Comedy Flick Other Day

Kristen Stewart seen rockin new orange hairdo for a new comedy flick other day. Recently, Hollywood Life got their hands on a new,exclusive photo of former Twilight Saga main hottie, Kristen Stewart, sporting a new, hot orange hairdo for a brand new movie she’s currently filming called, “American Ultra” down in New Orleans. You guys can see the new photo at Hollywood Life by Clicking Here.

Kristen appeared to be pretty chill on set, holding up a peace sign in the new photo. Her hair was reportedly colored by The Maison de Cheveux in New Orleans. Afterwards, they posted the new photo of K-Stew on their Instagram account. They captioned it with the words: “Kristen Stewart gettin her hair ready for a new role! #americamultra #awesomecolor #houseofhair.”

The new movie is being directed by Nima Nourizadeh, and is due to start production later this month. Kristen will playing character, Phoebe, who is a girlfriend with a slacker stoner boyfriend ,named Mike (Jesse Eisenberg). The two live together in a small, sleepy town and one night, their lives take an surprising turn when Mike’s past comes back to haunt him.

Actress, Uma Thurman, is going to also star in the movie.

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March 22, 2014

Kristen Stewart Seen Back On New Movie Set Other Day With Extra Weight Gain

Kristen Stewart seen back on new movie set other day with extra weight gain. Recently, Hollywood Life got their hands on a new pic of former Twilight Saga main chick, Kristen Stewart, back to work on the set of her new “Still Alice” movie this past Wednesday afternoon,March 19th in NYC. They say, she gain a few pounds for this role, and it’s starting to show a bit. You guys check out the new photo at Hollywood Life by Clicking Here.

Kristen sported some very casual gear with her school girl glasses, a baseball cap, red jeans, a grey t-shirt,jacket, and sneakers. They put up before an after pic of Kristen’s new weight gain, and claimed that she’s up to about 125 to 130 pounds from 115 pounds on her 5 feet 5 inch frame.

They spoke with celebrity nutritionist and Los Angeles registered dietician, Lisa DeFazio, who said, Kristen “definitely has gained weight. However, it is not a bad thing! She was getting to be too thin anyway, and now it appears she is eating, looks healthy, happy and has some curves.”

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February 28, 2014

Kristen Stewart Seen Happy Kickin It With Fans Other Day To Direct A New Music Video

Kristen Stewart seen happy kickin it with fans other day to direct a new music video. Recently, Hollywood Life got their hands a new,exclusive pic of former Twilight Saga main chick, Kristen Stewart, kickin it with fans out in Nashville,TN a couple of days ago, February 22nd, and she appeared to be having a great time. She was reportedly there to direct a new music video. You guys can check out the new pic at Hollywood Life by Clicking Here.

They say, Kristen directed the new music video for her friends from the band, Sage & the Saints. Their sources explained, “This was a really good experience for her. Directing is something she wants to do a lot more of, plus screenwriting.” The video was shot at Short Mountain Distillery in Nashville, and it really freed Kristen up and let her explore her creativity as a first-time director.

So, it sounds like Kristen is headed in the direction of becoming a movie director, so that sounds pretty cool.

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January 23, 2014

Kristen Stewart Recently Scored Another Movie Role In Intense,Mental ‘Still Alice’ Drama

Kristen Stewart recently scored another movie role in intense,mental ‘Still Alice’ drama. According to a recent report from Hollywood Life, former Twilight Saga main hottie, Kristen Stewart, has just recently gotten herself another movie role in a very intense drama flim , named Still Alice, and she’ll be acting with movie veteran ,Julianne Moore! It’s also reported that Kristen’s dog, Bailey, might also get a part in the movie.

Kristen is going to reportedly play the daughter of Julianne’s character. It’s scheduled to start production in the big apple, New York City, in mid-February 2014. The “Still Alice” film is an adaptation of Lisa Genova‘s novel, and will revolve around Julianne’s character, a psychology professor that fights an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

In related news, Kristen has also landed a movie role in a film named, “Equals,” where she’ll be make out with Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, so that will definitely be interesting to say the least.

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January 17, 2014

Kristen Stewart To Costar In New Steamy Love Movie With Jennifer Lawrence’s Boyfriend


Kristen Stewart to costar in new steamy love movie with Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend. According to a recent report from Hollywood Life,former Twilight Saga main chick, Kristen Stewart, has signed on to co-star in a new, very intense love movie called, “Equals” with none other than Nicholas Hoult, who is the boyfriend of Hunger Games main chick, Jennifer Lawrence!

Equals is a romantic adaptation of George Orwell‘s classic dystopian novel ’1984.’ And apparently, it’s such an epic love story that it made Kristen quite nervous ,at first, to accept the role. Kristen told the press: “I can’t believe I agreed to do it. I’m terrified of it. Though it’s a movie with a really basic concept, it’s overtly ambitious.

It’s a love story of epic, epic, epic proportion. I’m scared.I told director Drake Doremus, ’Don’t expect that I am going to be able to do this. It’s too hard.’ But he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I’ve given directors disclaimers before, but never this much.”

The director wouldn’t accept Kristen’s initial rejection because he stated, “It became evident in my head that Nick and Kristen would have great chemistry.” Equals is due to start up production later in 2014. Like most of Kristen’s movie, this one has no set release date or any other info.

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January 16, 2014

Kristen Stewart Spotted Fun Bar Partying Again Other Night In Los Angeles,New Details

Kristen Stewart spotted fun bar partying again other night in Los Angeles,new details. Hollywood Life recently got their hands on a new,blurry, exclusive pic of former Twilight Saga main chick, Kristen Stewart, getting her bar partying fun on at the Ye Rustic Inn in Los Angeles,California this past Friday night, January 10th. You guys can view the new pic at Hollywood Life by Clicking Here.

They report, Kristen was seen by a fan as she piled into a booth with several friends, including BFF CJ Romero, Alicia Cargile, and Suzie Riemer. Kristen and her friends reportedly kept mostly to themselves while at the bar. They laughed and chatted together, took pictures of each other, and had an all-around fun night out.

Additionally, they reported that Kristen refrained from drinking alcohol while everyone else was just chugging it down. In related news, Kristen will continue to be busy working,again, as she has just landed yet another new movie gig, called “Equals.”

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December 12, 2013

Kristen Stewart Spotted Sexy Chanel Car Modeling In Dallas,TX Other Day,New Details

Kristen Stewart spotted sexy Chanel car modeling in Dallas,TX other day,new details. Hollywood Life recently acquired an exclusive new pic of former Twilight Saga main beauty, Kristen Stewart, doing her sexy, new Chanel modeling thing in Dallas,Texas this past Tuesday afternoon, December 10th. You guys can view the new photo at Hollywood Life by Clicking Here.

They report that Kristen was modeling for the new Chanel Spring 2014 collection. The event was held at Fair Park in Dallas,Texas, and Kristen arrived on the scene to take in the MétiersD’Art collection. Kristen looked hella sexy, sporting wide-leg trousers and a tight-fitting top from Chanel’s Spring 2014 collection, which showed a little bit of her sexy belly action.

The event had a sort of retro vibe to it as guests sat in vintage convertibles from the 1950s to watch a film that was shown there in drive-thru fashion. In fact, Kristen shared a car with her close friend and former Twilight Saga castmate, Dakota Fanning!

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December 10, 2013

Kristen Stewart Spotted Doing Her Army Thang In New,1st ‘Camp X-Ray’ Movie Pic

Kristen Stewart spotted doing her Amy thang in new,1st ‘Camp X-Ray’ movie pic. Recently, this new,official movie pic for the upcoming “Camp X-Ray” indie/drama flick,showed up online, and it gives us a new look at former Twilight Saga mega starlet, Kristen Stewart, getting her army posing action on with the hat down over her eyes, and ready to carry out some orders like nobody’s business,lol!!

The film stars: Kristen Stewart and Peyman Moaadi. In the new movie, Kristen Stewart plays a new soldier, named Cole, who forms an unusual friendship with an eight-year Guantanamo Bay detainee, named Ali (Peyman Moaddi). It’s also reported that Kristen’s character get treated like a piece of garbage in this flick, getting feces thrown on her, and more. It’s definitely going to get quite intense for her.

The film’s release has not yet been revealed.

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November 19, 2013

Kristen Stewart Spotted Shooting New Cold Scenes For New Indie Movie In NYC

Kristen Stewart spotted shooting new cold scenes for new indie movie in NYC. Recently, celebrity-gossip.net got their hands on some,new,exclusive set photos of former Twilight Saga main hottie, Kristen Stewart, filming her latest indie flick, “Anesthesia” in the big apple, New York City,New York back on November 4th.

She was dressed all bundled up for the cold weather. You guys can see the new photos at celebrity-gossip by Clicking Here. Kristen sported a cute wintery outfit for her scene, which she shot with Sam Waterston. It’s reported that it was an emotional scene. The new movie will focus a group of New Yorkers who have all been influenced by the same philosophy professor.

As previously reported, Kristen is also set to co-star in another, new indie/comedy flick,named “American Ultra,” with her old “Adventureland” castmate, Jesse Eisenberg.

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November 17, 2013

Kristen Stewart Spotted Pumping Fists & Smoking It Up With Friends In NYC Other Day

Kristen Stewart spotted pumping fists & smoking it up with friends in NYC other day. Recently, Hollywood Life got their hands on a new,exclusive photo of former Twilight Saga mega chick, Kristen Stewart, doing some hardcore fist-pumping and cigarette-smoking action with friends on a rooftop,located somewhere in the big apple, New York City,New York this past Thursday afternoon,November 14th. You guys can check out the new photo at Hollywood Life by Clicking Here.

Kristen sported some casual, warm gear to handle the chilly NYC November weather. As previously reported, Kristen is in New York on business, filming a new indie flick, called, “Anesthesia.” In related news, they’re claiming that Kristen has been in continuous talks with her ex, Robert Pattinson,and it sounds like they’re getting along very well these days.

Their source claimed that Rob and K-Stew “speak on the phone almost every day and also send each other texts and photos. Rob has a way of bringing out her goofy, silly side and vice versa. No doubt, they will see each other as soon as she gets back.”

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