May 8, 2010

KA-BOOM! More MacGruber! (Pictures!)

I can’t decide how I feel about Saturday Night Live‘s movie version of Macgruber that is coming out May 21st. While I am a mullet lover through and through, I have a difficult time figuring out how they can make these short (but awesome!) SNL skits into a full length feature film. The thing is, […]

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July 8, 2008

Pineapple Express To Ride Again, Rogen Wants A Sequel

What ever happened to idea that you could jinx your movie by talking about a sequel before the first one ever hit the silver screen? I guess when it comes to Seth Rogen he can do just about anything these days. Moviehole had the chance to talk with Rogen about his upcoming comedy, “Pineapple Express”, […]

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