May 14, 2009

Jessica Biel Blames Leaked Nude Pics Over Film’s Flop

Jessica Biel recently decided to take off all her clothes and drip hot wax on her lady bits. Thankfully camera crews were there to capture it all and make it part of the movie “Powder Blue.” Now “Powder Blue” is set to bypass theaters and go straight to DVD and Biel is blaming the interwebs […]

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November 20, 2008

First Look: Jessica Biel As Stripper In ‘Powder Blue’

Don’t get too excited as this first look at Jessica Biel in “Powder Blue” seems to be much more focused on the dude in the foreground rather than the half-naked lady in the back. Nuts. The good news is that Biel is ready to break her “no nudity” pledge with her role as a stripper, […]

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