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New Sinister 2 movie got mostly negative reviews from top critics. Focus Features released their new horror/thriller flick, “Sinister 2,” into theaters today, August 21st, 2015, and all the reviews are in from the top critics. It turns out that most of them really didn’t like it with an overall 30 score out of a possible 100 across 13 reviews at

The movie stars: James Ransone, Shannyn Sossamon, Robert Sloan and Dartanian Sloan. We’ve added blurbs from a few of the critics,below.

Simon Abrams at, gave it a mediocre 50 score, saying: ” Sinister 2 may be ambitious, but its best ideas are, as they’re expressed, dumb, unmoving, and repetitive.”

Kyle Smith over at New York Post, gave it a 50 grade, stating: “It’s somehow both too drawn-out and abrupt — but it’s got creepiness galore.”

Dave White from TheWrap, gave it a 50 score. He said: “Visual stakes are heightened here, to an absurd, laugh-inspiring degree, the deaths sliding into the realm of “Saw”-style ridiculousness.”

Justin Lowe from The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a 50 grade, saying: “Sinister 2 comes up a bit short on creative resources, although director Ciaran Foy probably gets enough right to entice those partial to the original.”

Kyle Anderson from Entertainment Weekly, gave it a 42 score. He stated: “Sinister 2 doesn’t know what it wants to be, and doesn’t add up to much.”

Robert Abele at the Los Angeles Times, gave it a 30 grade, saying: “Nothing about Sinister 2 comes close to the feel-bad ode to literally and figuratively dark interiors that distinguished the title-earning original.”

Andy Webster from The New York Times, gave it a 30 score. He said: “Despite Mr. Ransone’s goofy charm, Sinister 2 can’t claim the same finesse, substituting pedestrian plotting and a more graphic gore for the original’s restraint.”

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