Survivor season 32 Michele Fitzgerald won the whole show tonight,May 18th. Tonight’s episode, kicked off with conversation footage. Aubry chatted with Tai about bringing Cydney to the final 3 and getting rid of Michele. Meanwhile, Cydney was spotted chatting with Michele about taking Aubry to the final 3.

Next, they showed Rewards Challenge footage. It was a tiles and obstacle challenge, and Aubry won it, and got a steak and drinks dinner as the prize. She was able to choose one other person to join her, and she picked Cydney so she could chat with her about getting rid of Michele, so they could head to the final 3.

Cydney told Aubry that she wanted to get rid of Michele. Meanwhile, Michele chatted with Tai about trying to vote out Cydney or Aubry in an attempt to keep herself safe.

Next, they showed Immunity Challenge footage. It was a key retrieval and puzzle challenge, and Michele pulled out the victory in a blaze of glory, solidifying her final 3 spot!

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